Promo Shoots

Product or Self

Promotional photography is the art of capturing captivating images of products or places to be used for promotional purposes. This versatile package can also be utilized by you, the business owner, for your own personal shoot.

Showcase your offerings and express your unique identity to your target audience. In today's competitive landscape, professional photos have become an essential requirement for every business owner.

These shoots are always enjoyable and provide an opportunity to present yourself.


Pricing for promo shoots starts at $300 for the first hour and increases by $100 per hour thereafter.

If we exceed the initial hour, an additional $100 is automatically added to the bill, whether it's 10 minutes extra or the full hour.

You will receive 15 fully edited photos within the first hour of shooting, and then 5 photos per hour thereafter.

Every photo is professionally edited, cleaned up, and detailed. This includes the removal of light blemishes, random people/distractions from the background if needed, and basic touch-ups overall.

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The Companies/Clients you see are as follows with their Instagram handle: Sol-ti (@Drinksolti), Josh Presley (@Jpresley.tattoos), Driftwood Kava & Roastery (@driftwoodkavaandroastery), Realtor Tracy Krlin (@tracykrlinrealtor), Professional Hair Stylist and Owner of Serafyn Salon, Niki Serafyn (@serafynsalon), Professional Makeup Artist Alana Alvarado (, Owner of Customs by Kev, Kevin Barry (@customsbykev), Professional Party Planner & Owner of Partini's By Jen, Jen Houghtaling (@PartinisByJen), Aidalee Craft & Design (@aidalee_craft_and_designs) , Cookies by E (@Cookies_by_E) & 360 Counseling (@360_counseling_llc)

Have a Special Project?

Feel free to reach out for a quote on any special project you may have.