Let's talk cake smashing

I thrive on creating unforgettable smash cake photoshoot experiences! Share your desired theme with me, and let my vision bring it to life for an epic setup. Age is just a number - from 6 months to 45 years old, everyone deserves a fun and fabulous smash cake photoshoot on their birthday.

I provide the decor; you provide the cake. When it comes to food items, it's best the client brings them due to the various food allergies out there. I capture nice, semi-posed images to begin, along with close-up shots of the decor and setup. Then, the birthday individual can enjoy smashing up their cake! It's fun for kids and liberating for adults. A cake smash is always a hit! Let's make your special day memorable and full of joy!

with love,


What are your thoughts on a cake smash photoshoot?

Do you love to see them? Think they look like fun! Should only be for kids? Maybe you see it as wasteful? Whatever you feel about them, I want to hear about it and why you may have that opinion on them.

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These images are from Miss Olivia's First Birthday Photoshoot.

Proud Parents are Brie & Chris Orozco