Studio Rental

Studio Rental is ONLY available to photographers/videographers

If you’re a photographer and or videographer in search of a studio space to use, look no further than here! Frances Design Photography & Studio provides natural lighting, studio lighting & even select props to use.

Continue reading below for studio rules.

Studio rules

  • No Food or Drinks within the Studio Room
  • I kindly request that no food or drinks be brought into the Studio Room. I have a main lobby area where you are welcome to enjoy your food and beverages.
  • Please note that I strive to maintain a clean and professional environment for all our clients and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

  • You Break It, You Buy It
  • I love being able to share some of my props and studio lighting with others, but I do expect my items to be treated professionally. When they aren't, things can break, and if you break it, you'll have to pay for it.

  • Clean Up After Yourself
  • Please be mindful to pick up after yourself. If you've used any items, kindly return them to their original places. Additionally, if you feel that something needs a wipe down after its use, please take a moment to clean it.
  • You can find cleaning supplies stored in the powder room, feel free to use them as needed. 

  • Not all props and or equipment are available for use.
  • Rental Closet
  • Any wardrobe attire has a rental fee as I must properly clean any wardrobe items used. Pricing varies starting as low as $25 and goes up to as high as $65.
  • I also provide an amazon wardrobe link to which the client pays just 50% as a rental fee and I cover the other 50% so that I may add it to my rental wardrobe.
  • Amazon Wardrobe Link:
  • Paper Backdrops
  • Please note that there will be an additional fee for any use of paper backdrops. The pricing varies depending on the color and the amount needed. The prices start at a minimal cost of $25 and can go up to a maximum of $40.
  • Kindly ensure that you pre-order your choice of paper backdrops before you commence your photoshoot.

  • Chairs/Couches/Tables
  • You are welcome to use any chair, couch, or small table within the business premises. However, please note that items within the armoire or any items stored outside of the studio room are not for use.



You may arrive early! Feel free to come 25-30 minutes prior to your shoot time, to set up for your client. Your Client may not show early. Clients may only show up at scheduled rental time.



It's always a pleasure to see the beautiful work that comes out of our studio.

In doing so, I kindly request that you tag us in the "location" field. This small act goes a long way in helping other photographers and videographers become aware that they can also rent our space.



While clients appreciate the gift of wine/champagne, I have a few guidelines to ensure a smooth and enjoyable session.

Firstly, it is mandatory to provide proof that your client is 21 years of age or older to consume alcohol on the premises. This is non-negotiable and we require an ID for verification.

Secondly, I request that all wine consumption takes place outside of the shooting room to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of our space. The only exception to this rule may be white wine, should you wish to incorporate it into your photos.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



Absolutely, I do have a powder room available for your client to change. I highly recommend your client to bring a robe as they will need to walk through the lobby to reach the studio room. Please note, for boudoir sessions, your client MUST BE 18 years of age or older. No exceptions will be made, and ID is required.

I also have a queen-size blowup bed available for use, however, you will need to bring your own sheets and pillows. We do provide throw blankets and some mini pillows for your convenience.



As long as no one has signed up after your initial scheduled time, then we can add an additional hour.

Your studio time must be PAID in full prior to leaving.
*Time is charged by the hour only.



I regret to inform you that we do not offer refunds in case of a no-show by your client. Our policy requires a cancellation notice at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled rental time.

If the cancellation is not made within this timeframe, the full amount will still be due on the day of your scheduled shoot.

We understand that no-shows can occur occasionally, but we must adhere to our policies to ensure fairness and efficiency in our operations.



Absolutely! I wholeheartedly encourage you to make the most out of your rental time.



Absolutely, you can! This space is designed to provide you with the liberty to express your creativity. Feel free to bring any props that you think will enhance your photoshoot. However, we kindly ask that you take all your belongings with you once the session is over.

Looking forward to seeing your creative ideas come to life!

A small tour of the studio space

Where you create is everything


I'm Mary Brown, owner of Frances Design Photography & Studio and I'm thrilled to share that I host photography classes and photographer shootouts. If you're interested in honing your skills or participating in exciting events, I highly recommend signing up for our FDP&S Email Subscriptions. This way, you'll always be in the loop about upcoming events and opportunities.

Photos from FDP photography classes, during shootouts and after edits

"Im not like a regular teacher, im a cool teacher... "

All of my classes involve hands on learning, so BRING YOUR CAMERA and any special equipment you want to practice with. I keep classes generally smaller because it allows for a better connection and engagement throughout the class. I want this to be a space you can learn, play, grow, try and build your photography all while befriending other photographers.

Oh, and I give you snacks.